$34 million for Andy Warhol’s “Four Marilyns”

$34 million for Andy Warhol’s “Four Marilyns”
May 28, 2013 Nicholas Kuhne

One of the best known artists of the modern era, Andy Warhol has seen some of his iconic creations sell at record prices at auctions, like the Scream Screenprint   Marilyn Monroe themed I love your Kiss Forever Forever painting  and the rare Queen Elizabeth portrait. One of his famous works, ‘Four Marilyns’ has managed to sell at Phillips auction for a price of $34 million recently. A director of the Gagosian Gallery, Victoria Gelfand was lucky bidder who won the race amongst 3 others, who were aggressive for this particular piece of artwork. Philips Auction house is known to have purchased this artwork from Manhattan based art dealer Robert Mnuchi last year.

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Andy Warhol’s record price fetching artwork, ‘Four Marilyns’ also reveals a lot of the current art market. Though other artists from outside the era of modern art manage to fetch high auctioning bids, but this sale just proved that Warhol is very much in demand, and is rated amongst the best. Also, Andy Warhol is known to have created several other art pieces like the spoken above, and also the Marylin Monroe, which sold at this auction event by Phillips for excess of $2 million. However, in this case, there would be an additional dealer’s commission which would finally take the price to $38.2 million. (Source, Bornrich)