512 Ferrari most Produced ever.

512 Ferrari most Produced ever.
June 5, 2013 Nicholas Kuhne

The Ferrari 512 TR and Ferrari 512 M are two high performance sports cars designed and manufactured by legendary Italian automobile giant Ferrari. The 512 TR and 512 M are very similar to each other in almost each and every key design aspect. Both the models derive most of their basic design from the Testarossa, one of the most mass produced Ferrari’s in history.

The 512 TR enjoyed its production run from 1991 to 1994, a period during which 2280 of these vehicles were manufactured. Factory production of the 512 M commenced immediately once the production line for the 512 TR was closed down. Even though only 500 Ferrari 512 M’s could be produced till 1996, the car was considered to be more successful than the TR and was not plagued by any of the design defects that resulted in the recall of almost 2500 TR’s. Both the cars were loved by sports car enthusiasts due to their great looks and superb on road performance at high speeds. A TR cost around $215,000 in the US market at the time of its launch whereas the 512 M retailed for approximately $225,000. (Source Bornrich)

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