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How it works

How it works

Our process


  • Providing authentic products that you can trust is vital to our. We have in-house professionals as well as external professionals including gemologists, horologists, art-appraisers to that ensure each item sold is authentic and in excellent condition.
  • All pre-owned luxury watches, jewelry and bags sold through our luxury store come with a certificate of authenticity and valuation certificate (this does not cover the private listings section on the site). Watches sold through our store are also are covered by a 2 year mechanical guarantee. You can see if your products are guaranteed if it has a Cape Lux guarantee icon.
  • All our products pass through our strict authenticity testing before they are listed on our site.


  • Our valuations are independently done, none of the brands are involved hold any responsibility for their products being sold through the Cape Lux site unless expressly mentioned in the terms and conditions. Our current official brand affiliations can be checked in our partners page.

Counterfeit goods

  • We do not deal in any counterfeit goods and will actively pursue any person or company attempting to do so on our site. If we suspect counterfeit goods we will contact the seller for proof of purchase. Counterfeit items will be destroyed with no compensation to the owner. Support the originals, don’t get busted with fakes.


  • Returns on products vary per product. Shipping will be for your own cost and there may be a handling fee. Please contact us for specific information.


  • Shipping is quoted on an item to item basis.


What is consignment?

  • Very simple, we take the stress and hassle our of selling your pre owned goods. We will collect, value, photograph and sell your item.
  • The listing is free. We even collect your garments for free, when you have over 10 items. If we sell your item, we charge a commission on the final selling price. Other charges may apply if items are returned to you.
  • What is our commission?
  • We give you up to 80% of the selling price.

Price of the item                  Our rate

Items under R5000             25%

Items above R5000             20%

  • Our rates are determined on the type of product as well as marketing and administration needed for the sale.
  • Payment to you will be made 24hrs after payment has been made to us from the buyer.

What guarantees do I have?

  • We offer an escrow service where payment is paid into an escrow account and only released once both buyer and seller are happy with the deal. There is a small administration fee for this escrow service.
  • Please be advised that we take an uncompromising stand on counterfeit goods. If we suspect you have a counterfeit product we will contact you for your proof of purchase, if you are not able to supply this the counterfeit goods will be destroyed or handed over to the brand’s lawyers.

What costs are involved?

  • Our consignment service includes a valuation certificate and guarantee from Cape Lux. Watches will be serviced and provided with a two year mechanical guarantee. Collections are done in major metro areas. We are covered by insurance for theft, fire etc, so your goods are safe with us.


  • We do our best to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free selling experience. Once you have submitted our Sell Now form, and we have agreed on the prices of the items for sale, there are two ways you can get your items to us.
  • FREE COURIER PICK-UP Cape Town and Johannesburg (more centres to come)
  • A free courier pick-up is included with our White Glove service for sellers with 2 or more items. Please contact [email protected]


  • How do I return a purchase?
  • If you are not satisfied with an item purchased on, you can return it within 7 days from the date of delivery. We charge a 15% management fee on returned items.
  • Before we can proceed with the refund, we require you to specify the reason(s) for return.
  • We also ask you to take 3 photos of the product for verification purposes:
    • One photo of the whole product
    • One photo of the tamper proof tag attached to the product
    • One photo of the CapeLux certificate sent with the product
    • The security tag must be intact and still attached when returning the product. The product must not show any signs of use.


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