For those who live Cognac – Louis XIII

For those who live Cognac – Louis XIII
July 19, 2015 Nicholas Kuhne
Remy Martin Cognac

There are many Whisky columns, but none that can compare to the eponymous name of Remy Martin when it comes to Cognac.

Yes they murdered all their high class royal folk, and were left with quite a lot of peasants and bourgeoisie, but that does not stop them enjoying the fruits of the upper class to this day.

Take for example the splendid Louis XIII Cognac, blended from 1,200 eaux-de-vie, aged up to 100 years, Louis XIII is “One Century in a Bottle”. Created at a level of craftsmanship that is unmatched. But how does it taste?

 It is as much a perfume as it is a spirit

According to an article reffering to Ms Trichet, Remy Martin’s first cellar master. “The first nose is what you get from a distance, It has mostly flowery scents. Jasmine. Fresh flowers. It’s very delicate.” There is prune, fig and nutty flavours like hazelnut and the deeper you go the cognac is redolent of oak and spice notes, plus the undeniable notes of vanilla and honey.


A Wall Street Journal article says it is as much a perfume as it is a spirit.

What a wonderful description.

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