History in a bottle; the Glenfarclas 60 year old single malt whisky

History in a bottle; the Glenfarclas 60 year old single malt whisky
February 20, 2016 Nicholas Kuhne


How often do you get the opportunity to own something that has been maturing for as longer than you’ve been alive? To become the proud owner of a product so rare that there are only 360 in existence in the whole world. For six exclusive whisky collectors, this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

At America’s most exclusive whisky event, the Nth 2016 Whisky show in Las Vegas, the iconic, family-owned whisky distillery, J & G Grant, announced the limited release of a 60-year old single malt from the Glenfarclas distillery. It’s an astonishingly rare whiskey, made to the highest standards possible, and only 360 bottles exist worldwide. 300 were delivered for the American market and 60 for the rest of the world. South Africa was incredibly fortunate to receive 6 bottles, each of which is transported in a bespoke briefcase for safety sake. The selling price per bottle is R360, 000, including VAT. Taking into consideration the drop in our currency, this products is actually a great store of wealth, one that will only appreciate in value.

The Glenfarclas distillery has an incredible, singular history. The farm Rechlerich was purchased in 1865 by John Grant for the considerable price of £511.19s, which included a small whisky distillery called Glenfarclas. Ever since then the distillery has been owned and managed by the Grant family, with a singular determination to produce the world’s finest single malt Highland Scotch whisky in the traditional Speyside style.
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After the Second World War, George S. Grant became custodian of Glenfarclas and ushered in an era of rapid expansion for the family. It was George Grant who had the foresight to lay down quality stock for the distillery’s own bottlings, and it is thanks to this vision that we are blessed with the whisky we have today.

Listen to today’s Sales Director, (also called George Grant, 6th generation) as he describes the process of creating this whisky. “Matured in a first fill sherry butt, it has an incredibly dark, rich mahogany colour. It is surprisingly vibrant with lots of dried fruits, demerara sugar and spice coming through on the nose as well as the rich, oaky tannins that one would expect from a whisky of this venerable age. The sherry influence really comes through on the palate, with rich treacle, bitter coffee and espresso notes all making an appearance. The finish is the longest I have ever experienced.”

It’s not only the drink itself which speaks to a timeless quality. The packaging is impeccable too; a bespoke cut crystal decanter that mirrors the shape of the classic Glenfarclas bottle. Each side of the hexagonal presentation box represents one of the 6 generations of the Grant family to own and manage the distillery since 1865.

The South African bottles are available through Dragon Brands and all enquiries should be directed to Michael Miles via [email protected].