Balvenie 50yr old

Balvenie 50yr old
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  • Balvenie 50yr old

Balvenie 50yr old


Basically amongst the most expensive whisky in the world right now. The Balvenie 50yr old.

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Speyside Whisky

An incredible whisky produced by and in honour of Malt Master David Stewart’s 50th year with William Grant’s. Bottled from cask 5576, a European oak sherry hogshead, at natural cask strength, it’s been around at Balvenie as long as David and has almost learned as much.

It is a 1962 Vintage bottled in 2012.

Taste notes

Nose: Fragrant and floral with fruit and oak lusciously intermingled. Citrus notes of lemons and orange peel are followed by honey and vanilla and finally a gentle hint of cinnamon and subtle oak.

Taste: Velvety sweet and wonderfully soft, fruit and citrus notes are accompanied by a beautiful outburst of cinnamon and nutmeg and a subtle back note of honey, all balanced with oak

Finish: Velvety smooth with a delicious citrus sweetness.