LIEBHERR – Vinidor display shelf wine and champagne cooler
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    Libherr wine cooler

LIEBHERR – Vinidor display shelf wine and champagne cooler


The Liebherr wine cooler.  For all the things you did not know were going to ruin your wine and champagne, this is the fridge for you.

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LIEBHERR- 3 temp display shelf wine cooler-WTed5872 Vinidor
Fully developed for the enjoyment of wine
Where wine is concerned, correct temperatures are always important.
From the air temperature which ensures perfect growth of the grapes, to that which governs the aging processes in production, to the balanced temperature for storage of the finished wine. Above all, temperature ultimately defines a wine’s taste and palate – the serving temperature will determine how much it is savoured and enjoyed.

The ideal storage temperature for wine

The ideal storage temperature for wine is between + 10 °C and + 12 °C. It is critical that the temperature is kept as constant as possible because this is the only way that a wine’s natural harmony will be preserved.
As the temperature rises, the wine’s molecular kinetic energy increases and this accelerates the aging process causing the wine to deteriorate. Consequently, storage temperatures of between +10°C and +12°C are recommended for storing wine over prolonged periods. Maintaining a constant temperature is most important, as fluctuations during storage will impair the quality of the wine. Furthermore, the temperature at which a wine is consumed also plays a crucial role in how it tastes.
Red wines should be served at a warmer temperature than white wines because they contain more tannins (polyphenols). Tannins react with oxygen more quickly at higher temperatures. This is what happens in the process of allowing a wine to “breathe”, when the full aroma and taste are only achieved once the wine has combined with oxygen. The length of time for which a wine should breathe depends on its variety and quality. Barolo, Rioja, Burgundy and Bordeaux each take a different amount of time to develop. In general, the longer a wine matured in the barrel, the more likely it is to need a longer breathing time for full enjoyment.

Optimum air quality

The quality of the ambient air is essential if the wine is to develop fully and be enhanced during storage – any airborne contaminants can be transferred to the wine and spoil it.
Classic natural corks very adequately keep the wine in the bottle, but in no way do they hermetically seal it.  As a result, air, which is far more than odourless oxygen, infiltrates the bottle passing down the edges of the cork.  If the bottles are stored in a cardboard box, the wine can take on the odour of the cardboard. But food odours in particular present problems. When storing wine at home, especially in a kitchen environment, wines will almost certainly lose their characteristics – i.e. they will spoil! Although glass stoppers and screw caps provide airtight closures for bottles, wines inevitably age more slowly because only the oxygen in the bottle is available to them. Synthetic corks allow too much air into the bottle, making them much less suitable for long-term storage of wine altogether.

Best position for fine wines

For perfect storage the wine should not be disturbed.
Even small vibrations caused by the noise of machinery, road traffic or frequent footfall can harm old wines.  The wine is imperceptibly »shaken up«, and the sediment is disturbed. This leads to increased reactions between the different components of the wine, which then creates undesirable compounds that leave the wine tasting odd and inharmonious – something like what is seen straight after the filling process. Wine bottles are usually stored lying down so that their corks are constantly moistened and cannot dry out. On the other hand, bottles with screw caps or glass stoppers can be stored upright without any problem as they provide an airtight seal for the wine.

Protection against ultraviolet light

Most wine bottles are tinted as ultraviolet rays pose a danger to all wines.
Light, in particular the invisible rays from the ultraviolet spectrum, is a common cause of undesirable chemical reactions in wines. The consequences of light-damage are visible to the eye: pale red wines, and white wines that take on a golden-yellow colour. »Lightstrike « (or »Goût de Lumière« as the French know it) destroys the wine’s balance and flattens its aroma and, to avoid it, most producers bottle their wine in brown or green glass, which absorbs a great deal of the UV rays.
However, this alone is not enough for bottles that are not stored in the dark. Slight temperature increases caused by light radiation can also damage the wine – they make it age quicker thereby altering the natural development processes, even to the extent that the wine can be permanently destroyed.

Wine storage cabinets Vinidor

The Vinidor range offers ultimate flexibility and combines the advantages of both wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets in a single appliance.  Appliances in the range come with either two or three wine safes, which can be set independently to the required temperature between +5°C and +20°C.   Accordingly, an appliance with three wine safes can simultaneously store red wine, white wine, and champagne all at their optimum serving temperature. Vinidor appliances also offer the perfect climate for long-term wine storage. The varying sizes of the wine safes, together with the fully adjustable temperature controls, make these appliances suitable for just about any collection of wines.
The electronic LC Display is an innovative design feature. Clear menu navigation and a Touch-electronic control system provides yet more information for tailored storage conditions. The digital temperature display can be read from the outside of appliances with glass doors. The Touch-electronic navigation ensures easy selection and use of the numerous control functions.
The LED lighting in the wine cooling compartments can be dimmed to give a pleasing ambient light inside the appliance. All Vinidor appliances are equipped with this innovative, no-heat LED lighting concept.
The Vinidor appliances are equipped with solid wooden shelves mounted on telescopic rails. The handcrafted shelves made from untreated wood are ideal for storing Bordeaux bottles safely, providing a clear view and easy access.  Storing the bottles in opposite directions permits full use of the capacity. The clip-on lable  system provides a quick and clear overview of your wine store.
The fresh air supplied through the FreshAir activated charcoal filter and re-circulating air cooling system ensures optimal air quality. This is crucially important for the maturing process and preservation of the wine. FreshAir charcoal filters are easily accessible from the front and are replaceable.
The practical presentation shelf of the Vinidor models fulfills both bottle storage and bottle presentation functions. The bottles can be stored horizontally at the rear.
The SoftSystem feature provides added safety and convenience. Integrated on the door, the SoftSystem cushions movement when the door is closed. This SoftSystem ensures that the door closes gently even when fully loaded inside.  The door automatically closes from an angle of approximately 45°.


Brand: Liebherr
Product: Wine Cooler
Model: WTes5872
Finish: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 700mm (w) x 750mm (d) x 1947mm (h)
Energy efficiency class: B
Energy consumption in 365 days/24 h: 245 / 0.670 kWh
Noise level re 1 pW: 38 dB(A)
Climate rating: SN-ST
Voltage / Connection rating: 220-240 V/2.0 A
Type of control/display: LCD Display / internal digital
Forced air system
Defrosting: Automatic
Interior Light: LED
Shelf Material: Wooden Shelf
Storage Shelves Total: 13
Running on telescopic rails: 10
Presentation Shelf: 1
Pull-out shelf for upright bottles: 0
Child lock function
Interface: HomeDialog-ready
Design: Hardline
SoftSystem: Yes
Slimline Door Handle: Aluminium
Door hinges: Right (reversible)
Lock: Yes
505 litres/178 bottles
3 temp zones
Insulated glazed door for UV protection
Finish: Stainless Steel
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty