R500k tipple – The Balvenie 50yr old Whisky

R500k tipple – The Balvenie 50yr old Whisky
July 19, 2015 Nicholas Kuhne
Balvenie damn expensive

The half a million Rand bottle of Scotch?

R512,000.00 you say? It equals R18,200.00 per tot.

This is probably the best looking 50yr old out there…if you exclude Madonna of course.

This is pretty much amongst the most expensive whisky’s on the planet. If you need to ask the price, probably don’t!

A very good hedge against the $USD so think about how this booze will appreciate while your Rands don’t. you could probably have a few tots and the value would still increase.


Balvenie (the cheap stuff)

Tasting notes

Nose: Fragrant and floral with fruit and oak lusciously intermingled. Citrus notes of lemons and orange peel are followed by honey and vanilla and finally a gentle hint of cinnamon and subtle oak.

Taste: Velvety sweet and wonderfully soft, fruit and citrus notes are accompanied by a beautiful outburst of cinnamon and nutmeg and a subtle back note of honey, all balanced with oak

Finish: Velvety smooth with a delicious citrus sweetness.

It had better taste like (add your most debaucherous concept here) to be worth that.  It can’t very well be the Saudi’s pushing up the price, and I am sure the Skhothane’s will steer clear of this particular brand for now, unless Patrice and Cyril want to take part.

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